Direct Selling is a Case Study in the Effectiveness of Mentorship

I read this article last week with great interest as it very clearly and succinctly describes the importance of mentorship in direct selling. I read it again today after it was forwarded to me by an executive with a direct selling company.

Key aspects of direct selling (such as recruiting) are often portrayed in a negative way, but I thought this article did a particularly nice job of describing why mentorship is key to success in direct selling. It’s not about how many people you can recruit for your team, but how many people you can inspire to be successful. The actions of those around us shape us, for better or for worse. Simlarly, every action we take sets an example for people who we may not even realize are watching us.

Whether you are a direct seller or not, keep in mind that we are all mentors for the next generation. The actions we take and the decisions we make will help determine their success. Direct sellers are uniquely positioned to demonstrate the power of mentorship – it’s just one of the many ways direct sellers lead the way.

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  1. Ashley Says:

    I cannot agree more. I have joined Aloette Cosmetics for the second time in 10 years. This time my manager is an executive within the business and shares so much information with everyone on her staff. Even better the resources available to everyone in direct sales now based on 10 years ago are staggering! Being a great recruiter is the same as being a good leader. You have to build a relationship of trust so others will follow you.

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