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Direct Selling, Jobs and the Economy

September’s Jobs Report revealed unemployment reached its lowest level since 2009, showing signs of a strengthening economy. Though any hint of growth is great, increasing employment opportunities would relieve the pressure many American families are experiencing over their finances. If you choose to pursue direct selling, you are choosing to take an active role in your financial future and in the economic future of the country.

Direct sellers come from a diverse set of backgrounds. Some have other full-time employment, some are seeking a full-time income, but all have an entrepreneurial mindset. You may come in contact with one of our sellers who is a stay at home mother, making use of her business background while her children are in school, or you may stumble upon an undergraduate student working as a seller part-time to earn money while also gaining valuable business skills.

These diverse individuals each bring unique goals and approaches to their business. I always say that direct selling is the original social network. Utilizing and expanding that network is a key part of direct selling. Our sellers can connect to potential customers like never before. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook give sellers the opportunity to be global businessmen and women. Now, opportunities to grow one’s business and contribute to the economy extend far beyond the confines of the cul-de-sac.

People typically join direct selling for its flexible hours, a chance to gain supplemental income and to increase their business skills, but not everyone understands just how much direct selling affects the economy. The nearly 16 million direct sellers in America make about $29 billion a year in sales. Jobs are created as those sellers need people to manufacture and transport the products they sell. The money direct sellers make can then be spent in the economy, on family vacations or even a down payment on a home – all fueling the economic recovery that can’t come fast enough.

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