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DSA on the TODAY Show!

DSA on the TODAY Show

Thanks to all of the DSA member companies that once again generously donated to the TODAY Show Toy Drive! I just returned from my trip to New York to present the direct selling channel’s collective donation of more than $16.5 million in products live on the show! You can see the complete list of donors on DSA’s website. This is the 8th year DSA companies have given a collective donation, having given more than $85 million during that time.

After the show today my daughter, Kaitlyn, and I were leaving a shop near Rockefeller Plaza where we had stopped to get a quick bite to eat. A woman stopped Kaitlyn to tell her how nice she looked in her fancy dress and she proudly announced that she had been on the TODAY Show. I’m sure the woman was instantly trying to figure out what our claim to fame might be as her eyes lit up looking for an explanation. I obliged, telling her all the details of the wonderful companies and people that comprise the direct selling community. It probably wasn’t quite the brush with fame she had hoped for, but she nonetheless gave us an exhuberant thank you and congratulations and went on her way.

I tell this story because I frequently get the opportunity to tell people about direct selling’s participation in the TODAY Show Toy Drive, and I can’t help but feel a bit guilty about the fact that each of the donating companies can’t hear every one of the “thank you”s that I receive. DSA is pleased to serve as a conduit for these donations, but it’s really the generosity of the companies that make this possible. If it weren’t for their ongoing commitment to improving the lives of others – both members of their salesforces and those in the community at large – there would be no representation of DSA in this endeavour.

So to each of the donating companies, and to each person in the direct selling community who works to make a better life for themselves, their familes and others, THANK YOU. Your work impacts the lives of more people than you will ever know, and I’m proud to be able to play some small role in spreading that message.

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  1. Kathleen Donovan Says:

    Thank you DSA for organizing this drive. CUTCO is so proud to be part of this wonderful organization. Happy holidays.

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