Helping Entrepreneurs Overcome Their Fears

I recently read an article on about the five biggest fears that prevent entrepreneurs from working toward their goals.

Among the fears author Lewis Howes lists are that of seeking money from investors and lacking enough experience or knowledge to get started. There are certainly a number of reasons today’s budding entrepreneurs are hesitant to confront these fears when looking to establish a brick-and-mortar business, but the direct sales channel can relieve entrepreneurs of these concerns.

For starters, today’s direct selling distributors can launch a business with very minimal upfront cost – a kit full of product samples and other essentials will often cost less than $100. These costs, of course, are miniscule when compared to the fees one might incur in pursuing a store opening or other type of sole proprietorship. Even more, the direct selling business model allows the business to be built at one’s own pace and comfort level, and connects new sellers with a built-in support system made up of others on their team.

Considering the fact that more than 55 percent of those surveyed in a recent Gallup poll stated they would prefer self-employment opportunities over traditional employment, direct selling is on-trend with the changing landscape of today’s marketplace. Whereas the rising costs of education could leave would-be business leaders at an incredible disadvantage to those with higher education degrees, direct selling levels the playing field, allowing men and women of all backgrounds to enjoy a truly equal opportunity to launch a prosperous direct selling career. Even more, e-training tools, free business courses and social media have empowered today’s direct sellers with the resources they need to execute sound business practices and enjoy long-term growth and success.

How has direct selling helped you to set your fears aside and pursue your entrepreneurial goals? Share your story with us in the comments below!

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  1. Imie Belanger Says:

    Hi Amy, thanks for this great post. I would like to quote about direct selling “allowing men and women of all backgrounds to enjoy a truly equal opportunity to launch a prosperous direct selling career”. Direct selling can help anyone earn or generate good income. As long as you put effort when it comes to marketing, you can be truly prosperous! 

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