No Sequester for Direct Sellers

In Washington, D.C., where DSA is based, it seems not an hour goes by without some mention of the sequestration cutbacks. With talks of mandatory budget reductions and spending cuts that could drastically impact low- and middle-income Americans, it’s no wonder so many are concerned—not just in the nation’s capital, but throughout the country.

It’s during times like these when one can really appreciate what direct selling can offer to men and women of all income brackets. Nearly 16 million men and women participated in direct selling in 2012—producing $31.6 billion in sales.

To reference a quote by Joan Hartel Cabral, President & Owner of DSA member company Vantel Pearls in the Oyster, “We, as an industry, have an incredible opportunity. We can influence the economy in an amazing way. For young moms, for those who have a second job, for senior citizens and for those in college, we offer an opportunity that inspires personal growth and financial independence.”

Perhaps direct selling won’t reverse all the damage done by the impending cutbacks, but, what it can do is provide added support to men and women who remain committed to their full-time jobs yet find themselves in need of extra income to make ends meet.

Sequester or not, this is something direct sellers have known to be true for decades. However, the current economic climate allows us to further educate others about who we are, how we operate and why so many throughout the country have established direct selling careers, even if they maintain a steady income elsewhere.

Public discussions on economic challenges provide an opportunity to reach out to those impacted most by potential cutbacks to address how direct selling can help compensate for reduction in pay or work hours. After all, for those who face salary cutbacks or caps, direct selling provides an alternative source of income on a flexible schedule. For those who are likely to receive furloughs, direct selling can provide a way to use the extra time off to launch and promote a business without the risks or responsibilities associated with building a brick-and-mortar shop from the ground up. And, for those men and women impacted directly by layoffs, direct selling can provide a source of income through which they can ride out the storm until full-time employment options surface once again.

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  1. Maggie Jordan-Grant Says:

    Thanks for all you do….this is great information for us in the industry. I’ve been with Noevir — a DSA member for many years — since 1986, and continue to be proud and gratified for the products and the company support.

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