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Starting a conversation can be a very difficult task. Perhaps you’ve encountered a situation where you really want to have a serious discussion with someone, but you just can’t figure out where to begin the dialogue. It often seems there’s so much to say, there doesn’t seem to be a logical beginning.

In thinking about my inaugural post to the DirectSelling411.com blog, I felt that way. Direct selling has an incredibly rich history that can’t begin to be encapsulated in this post or even in an entire Web site. There are millions of stories to be told, about the stay-at-home mom who earns extra income by working a few hours a week as a direct seller, to the former corporate executive who left his 9-?? job and now works his own hours, selling products and services he actually enjoys talking about.

But the whole “conversation” about direct selling is about much more than just the success stories – it’s about understanding what direct selling is, what it isn’t, and how that relates to one’s own situation. Five-hundred success stories might be meaningless to a direct seller who is considering abandoning her efforts, if she cannot draw a parallel to her own experience. Similarly, one failure might inspire someone to try a new approach and find success that had otherwise been elusive.

On this blog, I’ll talk about the good, the bad and the, well, misunderstood parts of direct selling – and there are plenty of topics in each of those areas. Direct selling has the luxury of a long, honorable history, but it also wears the scarlet letter of stereotypes (some deserved, some not), misinformation (some rooted in truth then distorted, some not) and the occasional bad actor (whose missteps reinforce the stereotypes and misinformation). All of these topics are worth talking about because direct selling has a lot to offer – and we also have some work to do.

My singular interest is providing a forum where we can have a frank, honest and open discussion about the issues. Whether you love or hate direct selling isn’t the point – it’s about having accurate information on which to base that opinion.

Consider this inaugural post my invitation to anyone out there with an interest in direct selling to help me begin, and continue, the conversation about direct selling. I look forward to your frank and thoughtful questions and ideas, and in return I will do my best to provide a balanced perspective that perhaps to date has not had a loud enough voice.

Let the conversation begin! 

8 Responses to “Welcome to DirectSelling411.com!”

  1. Robin Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere Amy and the entire DSA! I hope that this is the beginning of some active and meaninful discussions that will help all of us grow and improve together!

  2. Beth Dornan Says:

    Amy, welcome to blogging and to the online conversation about our industry! I think you’ll find there are a lot of passionate voices out here about direct selling and MLM — both critical and those praising the virtues of direct selling — and lots of discussion.

    Look forward to being part of the conversation about our industry here at the “411.”


  3. Tom in Atlanta Says:

    Great article and great perspective, Amy!

    Sometimes it gets discouraging in the trenches and it’s a great reminder that everyone else in every other industry is in exactly the same boat.

    It’s also great to see that this site is available as a credible 3rd party validating and promoting what we all do for a living. Looks like direct selling/network marketing is becoming more mainstream and cool.

    Who wouldn’t want to do this?@!

    “It’s the in thing, everybody’s doing it, don’t you want to be cool?”

    Tom in Atlanta


  4. Nancy Says:

    Congratulations Amy and the entire DSA team. This site and blog are much needed and a welcome addition to the dialogue on direct selling. Looking forward to much lively discussion!


  5. Julie from Texas Says:

    Congratulations to the whole team. What a great way to guide our carefully chosen prospects to the truth. I look forward to seeing this site grow. It’s tough but rewarding out here in the trenches. My favorite negative response to hear is “that sounds like another get rich quick scheme”. I can only laugh when I hear that. After 3 1/2 years with my wonderful Company I can attest that working hard and sticking to your goals is no different than a regular job. But, it can be on my own time, and all my choices are my own. I know I can get rich, but quick……not really.

  6. Victoria E. Castillo Says:

    Well done AMY, I think it’s about time we feel legitmate in other people’s eyes. I’m proud to be in a MLM and tell people so all the time. I rave to people that I have a great company behind me and respect my MLM. So far the blogs were good and I really liked the guy who talked about the Recuritting Truck, that hit the spot for me. The relationship of how it all works out in the end. I really liked that story. Thank you again Amy.
    Victoria Castillo

  7. Victoria Says:


    I appreciate your comments and the excellent information on this entire site. I’ll be sure to pass the link on to my downline business partners and the management team of our newly launched prestige skincare direct selling company!


  8. Jeff Zalewski Says:

    Amy (and the rest of the DSA staff), I want to applaud your efforts in reaching out in the field in great industry we call the Direct Selling Industry. From the looks of what I have read so far, everyone who is involved in the industry or looking to get involved with the industry, can gain plenty from this site.

    As a school for the industry, we often mention the DSA and the resources available for reference on the exciting things that are happening within the industry. While there are often challenges in this industry, the opportunities seem unlimited.

    Whether one is retailing product or recruiting new downline members to their team, your site can become a great resource for people to be educated on facts about the industry. This is a great step toward helping support the profession of direct selling… it helps enhance competency about the industry and improves credibility about the industry.

    I look forward to helping make directselling411.com a positive credibility builder for the industry.

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