What to Expect

Product Perfect

Direct selling companies offer more than 70 product and service categories – everything from health and beauty items, apparel and accessories to cookware, wine, pet products, gardening items and so much more. In fact, just about every consumer product or service is sold via direct selling somewhere in the world.

Experienced direct sales representatives will tell you that to be successful, you need to choose a product or service in which you really believe and that you use yourself.

When you fall in love with a particular product line, it’s a good indication that the company that stands behind those products just might be the right choice for you. It’s fun to share fantastic products that you trust with family, friends and other consumers who you’ll introduce to the products. And don’t forget the fact that you’ll be able to buy them at a discount! Attend a party or schedule a demonstration with a consultant from one or more companies that have interesting products. If the products the company’s sales representative is presenting at her in home event looks fun and exciting to you, it just might be the right fit. Can you imagine yourself doing such a presentation? Are you attracted to the company’s mission, message and lifestyle? Sales representatives who love their products are “customer magnets,” attracting others by their sheer enthusiasm and sense of fun. And one of the best parts of direct selling is the low cost for entry – often less than $100 for a kit full of product samples and other essentials you need to get started. You can give it a try, and if you decide it’s not for you, all you’ve invested is a little time. In fact, in most cases, DSA member companies will even buy back your sales kit and any inventory you’ve purchased! (Click here for more information about the buy-back policy.)

Say Yes!

Once you’ve said “yes!” and joined the company of your choice, you’ll notice right away that this is like no other business out there. The word “flexibility” is rarely usually used in the corporate world, but in direct selling you’ll hear it often. You’ll build your business the way you want from the get-go, creating your schedule to fit your lifestyle. Now does that mean that the money flows in without any effort? Absolutely not! In fact, self-discipline and personal work ethics are key strengths you’ll want to develop. But flexibility does mean that you can build a business around your family and personal life. Flexibility does mean that you can work when you want to – creating a schedule that meets your personal and financial goals. So, if it is money for the little extras you want, you’ll probably work one or two evenings a week. And, if it’s a significant income you’re after, you’ll want to work your company’s career and leadership plan to the letter. If it’s social contact you crave, well, the possibilities are endless.

Training and New Skills

You’re looking to supplement your current income, or maybe you’ve spent a lifetime in high finance banking but have always wanted to follow your dream. Perhaps, you’re recently retired and want to supplement that nest-egg. There are as many different reasons for joining direct selling businesses as there are unique individual stories. But, how in the world do you get trained to run a business like this? How do you learn about the products? Learn how to manage your time? Learn the ins and outs of selling when you’ve never dreamed of selling a thing? The “learn as you earn” factor is a great benefit of a direct selling business. Successful companies have created training and skill building programs that are often as close as a click of the mouse. Online training, peer training, DVDs and supplemental materials are all there to guide you. But, the most important thing to remember is that this is a simple business. Not simple as in “easy does it…don’t have to work for it,” but, simple as in, “you’re among friends – a support system that’s always there for you.” You bring your own unique individual style and personality into your business. You create your own success by being your best self.

The training that comes along as part of a direct selling experience is particularly important when it comes to making representations about the company, its products and services, and the expectations one might have when considering becoming a direct seller. There are a number of federal and state laws that address issues such a earnings claims, product claims and a variety of other issues related to direct selling. As a representative of the company, it’s important for sellers to understand what they can and cannot say about a company.

To sell products, it’s important to build trust with customers. Presenting complete and accurate information is critical – stretching the truth or omitting important to make a sale or recruit a new person is not worth the risk of losing a customer or violating the law.

The Friendship Circle

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a career builder seeking a more fulfilling work experience, you’ll find that direct selling representatives support one another and create friendships that often last a lifetime. Direct selling businesses support the entire team and that means that – although there may be some healthy competition – you don’t need office politics to climb the ladder of success. Most often, those individuals who relish nurturing and encouraging a team come out on top – bringing the rest of the team right along with them as they progress up the ladder.

Friendships also grow out of a particular love of a product and the mission and lifestyle that surrounds it. Whether it is home decorating, fashion and jewelry, home cooking, health and beauty or a vigorous outdoor lifestyle, you’ll have a whole circle of friends who enjoy celebrating their interests and lifestyle.

Recognition and Achievement

Being recognized for achievements both great and small are inherent in direct selling businesses. The thrill of being applauded by your peers and recognized by corporate founders and executives is often a career high that happens only once or twice in a traditional business. In a direct selling business you don’t have to wait for the proverbial retirement watch or 20-year pin to be recognized. You’ll take a bow and earn applause from your very first achievements. Many find this applause reverberates far beyond the actual moment of achievement. The new-found confidence and esteem that comes from peer recognition earns applause from family and friends as well.

In addition, opportunities abound in direct selling businesses to earn incentive trips and dream vacations. Whether it’s a cruise to Hawaii, a trip to Europe, or a weekend in the wine country, these earned incentives are often trips that most of us only dream of. Other incentives abound – from bling to automobiles; the direct selling business is fueled by rewarding success.

Write Your Own Story

When all’s said and done, building a direct selling business is very much like having the opportunity to write your own story. It’s about setting goals and achieving goals. It’s about building an enterprise that is uniquely you. It’s about your family – no one else’s. It’s about your dream. It’s about your family’s dream. It’s about your romance with life. It’s about falling in love with your own life. Go ahead, do something for yourself that you’ll love.



It's not fun to participate in direct sales.


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