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The direct selling shopping experience combines quality items, a personal touch from knowledgeable consultants and memorable moments spent with family and friends. Millions of Americans look to direct selling companies to buy everything from health and beauty items, apparel and accessories to cookware, wine, pet products, gardening items and so much more.

One of the benefits of shopping through direct selling is the ability to try, then buy, in a relaxed and fun setting. Check out the latest jewelry trends and ask your friends how that new necklace will look on you before you buy it. Take the opportunity to try various shades of blush, eye shadow and lip gloss in the comfort of your own home, and give that new kitchen utensil a whirl with fresh product before you buy it. Even better, ask your consultant for tips and a complete product demonstration that will ensure your purchase will be one with which you are completely satisfied.

Check out this section to learn more about what to expect during your next shopping experience. You’ll find information on what the various ways you can shop for direct selling products and what companies are doing to protect you.



There's no variety in direct selling - it's all makeup and kitchenware!


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